Training Program

Click on each ACVD approved 3 year program listed below to see specifics about their residency training.


Animal Dermatology Clinic, Southern CA ( 6 residents)

Auburn University (1 resident)

Cornell University (1 resident)

Dermatology for Animals, AZ (3 residents)

Dermatology for Animals, Queensland, Australia (1 resident)

DMV Veterinary Center, Canada (1 resident) 

Iowa State University (2 residents)

Louisiana State University (2 residents)

McKeever Dermatology Clinics, Eden Prairie, MN (2 residents)

Michigan State University (1 resident)

Munich, Germany (2 residents)

North Carolina State University (2 residents)

Ohio State University (2 residents)

University of California - Davis  (2 residents)

University of Florida (1 resident)

University of Georgia (3 residents)

University of Minnesota (2 residents)

University of Pennsylvania (2 residents)

University of Tennessee ( 2 residents)

University of Wisconsin - Madison (1 resident)


Allergy, Skin and Ear Clinic for Pets, Livonia, MI (1 resident)

Animal Allergy & Dermatology Center of Indiana, Indianapolis, IN (1 resident) 

Animal Dermatology Clinic, Austin, TX (1 resident)

Animal Dermatology Clinic, Bradenton, FL (1 resident)

Animal Dermatology Clinic, Dallas, TX (1 resident)

Animal Dermatology Clinic,  Grapevine, TX (1 resident)

Animal Dermatology Clinic,  Greenville, SC (1 resident)

Animal Dermatology Clinic, Louisville, KY (1 resident)

Animal Dermatology Clinic, Marietta, GA  (2 residents)

Animal Dermatology Clinic,  Mt. Pleasant, SC (1 resident)

Animal Dermatology Clinic, Portland, OR  (1 resident)

Animal Dermatology Clinic, Rocklin, CA (1 resident) 

Animal Dermatology Clinic, Seattle, WA (1 resident)

Animal Dermatology Clinic, Wayne, NJ (1 resident)

Animal Dermatology South, FL (2 residents)

Animal Skin & Allergy Clinic, Lynnwood, WA (1 resident) 

ASECVET, LLC, Doylestown PA (1 resident)

Coastal Veterinary Dermatology & Ear Clinic, Houston, TX (1 resident)

Coastal Virginia Veterinary Dermatology, Virginia Beach, VA (1 resident)

Colorado State University (1 resident)

Dermatology and Allergy Services for Animals in Springfield, Virginia (Part of the Regional Veterinary Referral Center), and Leesburg, Virginia (Part of the Life Center) (1  resident) 

Dermatology Clinic for Animals, Lacey, WA (1 resident)

Dermatology for Animals, Catonsville, MD (1 resident)

Dermatology for Animals, Salt Lake City, UT  (1 resident)

Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital, Los Angeles, CA (1 resident) 

Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, MS (1 resident)

Missouri Veterinary Dermatology Center, Wentzville, MO (1 resident) 

North West Veterinary Dermatology Services, Vancouver, BC (NWVDS) (3 residents)

Pet Allergy & Dermatology Specialists, Allentown, PA ( 1 resident)

Pet Dermatology Clinic, Maple Grove, MN (1 resident)

Red Bank Veterinary Hospital,Tinton Falls, NJ (1 resident)

Redbud Animal Dermatology and Allergy Specialist, Oklahoma City, OK (1 resident)

Texas A&M University (1 resident)

Tufts University (1 resident)

University of Illinois (1 resident)

University of Missouri (1 resident)

University of Montreal (1 resident)

University of Sydney (1 resident)

Veterinary Allergy and Dermatology Clinic, Overland Park, KS and Kansas City, MO (1 resident)

Veterinary Allergy Dermatology & Ear Referral Clinic (V.A.D.E.R.), Ontario, Canada (1 resident)

Veterinary Dermatology Center, Maitland and Rockledge, FL (1 resident)

Veterinary Dermatology Clinic, NSW, ACT & Tasmania, Australia (1 resident)

Veterinary Dermatology & Ear Referral Medical Clinic, Surrey, BC (1 resident)  

Veterinary Skin and Ear, West Los Angeles, CA (1 resident)

Veterinary Specialty Hospital, San Diego, CA (1 resident)



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