ACVD Research Foundation

The ACVD Research Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing veterinary dermatology through research.

Hill’s Resident Externship Grants

Hill’s Resident Externship Grants provide financial assistance for ACVD residents who wish to obtain additional experience and training at a different facility.

Elanco ACVD Resident Research Grants

The ACVD Research Grant Committee awards Elanco Resident Research Grants to top ACVD resident grant proposals related to immunology.

Online Library Supporter

ACVD members can subscribe to the ACVD Online Library to gain access to current veterinary literature in online journals.

Outreach Program Sponsor

The ACVD Outreach Program brings veterinary dermatology-based continuing education courses to veterinarians in the United States that are practicing in locations over 500 miles from a facility with a veterinary dermatologist.

Resident Education Forum at the North American Veterinary Dermatology Forum-Zoetis

ACVD residents attend the Resident Education Forum held before the NAVDF for comprehensive reviews of important topics in veterinary dermatology.

Resident Research Awards-Bayer

The Peter J Ihrke ACVD Resident Research Awards are bestowed upon residents with the highest ranking abstract presentations in scientific and/or clinical research at the North American Veterinary Dermatology Forum.

Website Supporter

The ACVD Website provides information to ACVD Members, ACVD Residents, general practice veterinarians and the general public.  ACVD committees utilize the website to communicate with each other, and to interact with college members and residents.

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